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Snow Clearance Equipment
Snow Clearance Equipment
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1-Clear your Roads and Pavements From Snow Yourself
You can easily clear ice and snow outside of your home or in public spaces very easily. The tips below will definitely make your work easier.

2-Select The Day Time To Clear Ice
Removing hard snow is much more difficult than fresh snow. Try to start ice removal work as early as possible in the morning. The plus point of this is that if you will remove the top layer in the morning, then the sunshine in the noon and afternoon will help to melt the remanding layers of ice. Then cover the whole path with salt to stop refreezing overnight.

3-Carefully Check Where You Are Putting The Removed Snow
Make sure that while shovelling snow you do not block other drains or paths.

4-Use Salt Instead Of Water To Remove The Snow
If you use water to remove the snow you will make it more dangerous as it will refreeze again. It's better to use salt.

5-Take Care Of  Neighbours As Well
Another important thing is that while removing snow don't forget older or sick neighbours. If you can, help them by removing their snow, otherwise contact their relatives or local council